Low Temperature Physics: 43, 689 (2017); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4985974
Физика Низких Температур: Том 43, Выпуск 6 (Июнь 2017), c. 867-870    ( к оглавлению , назад )

Existence of cryogenic magnetic entropy change in Gd based nanoparticles

A. Zeleňáková, P. Hrubovčák, A. Berkutova, O. Kapusta

Institute of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, P.J. Šafárik University Park Angelinum 9, Košice 041 54, Slovakia
E-mail: adriana.zelenakova@upjs.sk

V. Zeleňák

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, P.J. Šafárik University Moyzesova 11, Košice 041 54, Slovakia

Received July 28, 2016


Magnetic nanoparticles with average diameter of 5–7 nm were prepared by nanocasting method inside of the pores of periodic silica matrix of SBA15 type. The uniform size of the pores limited the particles’ growth what resulted in formation of nanocomposite consisting of monodisperse nanoparticles of Gd2O3 embedded in amorphous silica matrix. Magnetic properties of the material were examined in magnetic fields up to 5 T and in temperature range 2–52 K. The magnetic entropy change of 29 J/kg⋅K was observed at 2 K for field variation 5 T in the investigated nanocomposite what suggests this material could be feasible for cryomagnetic refrigeration applications.

PACS: 75.30.Sg Magnetocaloric effect, magnetic cooling;
PACS: 81.05.Rm Porous materials; granular materials;
PACS: 75.20.Ck Nonmetals;
PACS: 75.75.Fk Domain structures in nanoparticles.

Ключевые слова: nanoparticles, magnetocaloric effect, magnetic entropy change.

Published online: April 25, 2017