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Graphene and graphene-based nanostructures
Guest Editors: I.V. Krive, V.M. Loktev, and R.I. Shekhter


I.V. Krive, V.M. Loktev, and R.I. Shekhter

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  Graphene and graphene-based nanostructures

Graphene and graphite multilayers


V.P. Gusynin1, V.A. Miransky2,*, S.G. Sharapov3, and I.A. Shovkovy3,*

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  Edge states in quantum Hall effect in graphene
(Review Article)


E.V. Gorbar, V.P. Gusynin, and V.A. Miransky*

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  Toward theory of quantum Hall effect in graphene (1007-1011)


G.P. Mikitik and Yu.V. Sharlai

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  The Berry phase in graphene and graphite multilayers (1012-1019)


Balázs Dóra

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  Disorder effect on the density of states in Landau quantized graphene (1020-1024)


H. Kumazaki and D.S. Hirashima

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  Tight-binding study of nonmagnetic-defect-induced magnetism in graphene (1025-1032)


Y.F. Suprunenko1,2, E.V. Gorbar1, S.G. Sharapov3, and V.M. Loktev1

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  Effect of next-to-nearest neighbor hopping on electronic properties of graphene (1033-1039)


Yu.V. Skrypnyk, and V.M. Loktev

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  Spectral function of graphene with short-range impurity centers (1040-1048)


Yu.A. Sitenko and N.D. Vlasii

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  Vacuum polarization in graphene with a topological defect (1049-1057)

Carbon nanotubes, quantum wires and Luttinger liquid


S. Dittmer1, S. Mudgal1,2, O.A. Nerushev3, and E.E.B. Campbell1,3

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  Local heating method for growth of aligned carbon nanotubes at low ambient temperature (1058-1062)


Yuri Kornyushin

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  Semiclassical approach to the description of the basic properties of nanoobjects (1063-107)


L.N. Gumen1 and A.A. Krokhin2

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  Index of refraction of a photonic crystal of carbon nanotubes and homogenization of optically anisotropic periodic composites (1072-1080)


Alain Nogaret, Jean-Claude Portal, Harvey E. Beere, David A. Ritchie, and Chris Phillips

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  Microwave induced forward scattering and Luttinger liquid interferences in magnetically confined quantum wires (1081-1085)


G.A. Skorobagat’ko and I.V. Krive

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  Luttinger liquid and polaronic effects in electron transport through a molecular transistor (1086-1093)


A.V. Chaplik, L.I. Magarill, and R.Z. Vitlina

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  Electrostatic screening and Friedel oscillations in semiconducting nanotubes (1094-1097)


I.A. Romanovsky1, E.N. Bogachek1, I.V. Krive2,3, and Uzi Landman1

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  Giant magnetization of a superconductor-two-dimensional electron gas-superconductor structure (1098-1106)