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7th International Conference on Cryocrystals and Quantum Crystals Wroclaw, Poland, July 31st – August 5th, 2008
Guest Editor Andrzej Jeżowski
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  Preface (331-332)  

  A. Aldiyarov, M. Aryutkina, A. Drobyshev, M. Kaikanov, and V. Kurnosov Download 2122684 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Investigation of dynamic glass transitions and structure transformations in cryovacuum condensates of ethanol (333-338)  

  R.S. Berry, and B.M. Smirnov Download 177418 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Phase transitions in clusters (339-349)  

  Yu.A. Dmitriev Download 87944 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Photoelectron emission from solid Ne tested by impurity adsorption (350-354)  

  D.A. Gordon and A.I. Mikhaylov Download 115923 byte Показать аннотацию  
  On kinetic features of photo- or g-induced polymerization in p-diethynylbenzene crystals in the temperature range of 4.2-300 K (355-361)  

  A.I. Karasevskii and V.V. Lubashenko Download 138592 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Melting and thermodynamic properties of rare gas nanocrystals (362-370)  

  Valery B. Kokshenev Download 86260 byte Показать аннотацию  
  To the problem of observation of two-level tunneling states in supercooled liquids, glass-forming polymers, orientational glasses, and metallic glasses via configurational entropy (371-375)  

  V.A. Konstantinov, V.P. Revyakin, and V.V. Sagan Download 84910 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Heat transfer in solid halogenated methanes: trifluoromethane (376-379)  

  O.A. Korolyuk, A.I. Krivchikov, I.V. Sharapova, and O.O. Romantsova Download 149136 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Heat transfer in solid methyl alcohol (380-384)  

  N.V. Krainyukova Download 160852 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Evidence for high saturation of porous amorphous carbon films by noble gases (385-390)  

  V. Lebedev, P. Moroshkin, and A. Weis Download 98676 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Atomic bubbles in impurity-stabilized solid 4He (391-395)  

  S. Nazin and V. Shikin Download 89824 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Localized electrons in dense heavy noble gases (396-400)  

  I.O. Pursky1, V.A. Konstantinov2, and V.V. Bulakh1 Download 106501 byte Показать аннотацию  
  The thermal conductivity jump at crystal-liquid phase transition in CHCl3, C6H6, and CCl4: the action of rotational molecular motion (401-404)  

  J. Schaefer Download 530182 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Zero-phonon emission bands of solid hydrogen at 6-12 mm wavelength. An astrophysical phenomenon (405-412)  

  Isaac F. Silvera and Shanti Deemyad Download 1117685 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Pathways to metallic hydrogen (413-422)  

  L. Yakub Download 103232 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Amorphous polymeric nitrogen – toward equation of state (423-426)  

  A. Szmyrka-Grzebyk and A. Kowal Download 284939 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Cryocrystal phase transitions applied as temperature standards (427-432)  

  Ivan V. Khyzhniy, Sergey A. Uyutnov, Elena V. Savchenko, Galina B. Gumenchuk, Alexey N. Ponomaryov, and Vladimir E. Bondybey Download 188202 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Electron traps in solid Xe (433-437)  

  A.A. Solodovnik and V.V. Danchuk Download 492535 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Structure of nitrous oxide-carbon dioxide alloys (438-441)  

  V. Sumarokov, A. Jeżowski and P. Stachowiak Download 136401 byte Показать аннотацию  
  The influence of the disordered dipole subsystem on the thermal conductivity of the CO solid at low temperatures (442-447)