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Специальный выпуск
8th International Conference on Cryocrystals and Quantum Crystals Chernogolovka, Russia, July 26-31, 2010
Guest Editors M.Yu. Brazhnikov and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin


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  Preface (467-470)


V.V. Nesvizhevsky

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  Experiments with ultracold neutrons (471-476)


S.N. Burmistrov

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  On the spectrum of facet crystallization waves at the smooth 4He crystal surface (477-483)


Z.-L. Li, N. Bonifaci, A. Denat, V.M. Atrazhev, V.A. Shakhatov, and K. von Haeften

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  Atomic and molecular spectra emitted by normal liquid 4He excited by corona discharge (484-490)


J. Eloranta

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  Solvation of atomic fluorine in bulk superfluid 4He (491-493)


A.G. Khrapak, and W.F. Schmidt

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  Negative ions in liquid helium (494-499)


I. Chikina, S. Nazin and V. Shikin

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  Dynamic phenomena for charged clusters in cryogenic liquids (500-504)


S. Nazin and V. Shikin

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  Transition conduction types of electrons in cryogenic media (505-508)


A.N. Izotov and V.B. Efimov

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  Infrared light interaction with impurity gels in superfluid helium (509-511)


L.V. Abdurakhimov, M.Yu. Brazhnikov, I.A. Remizov, and A.A. Levchenko

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  Classical capillary turbulence on the surface of quantum liquid He-II (512-516)


Sergey K. Nemirovskii

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  Torsional oscillation of the vortex tangle. Possible applications to oscillations of solid 4He (517-522)


Luiza P. Kondaurova and Sergey K. Nemirovskii

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  Numerical study of the diffusive-like decay of the vortex tangle without mutual friction (523-525)


O.A. Korolyuk

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  Thermal conductivity of molecular crystals of monoatomic alcohols: from methanol to butanol (526-530)


V.A. Konstantinov, V.P. Revyakin, and V.V. Sagan

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  Isochoric thermal conductivity of solid n-alkanes:hexane C6H14 (531-534)


M.I. Bagatskii, V.V. Sumarokov, and A.V. Dolbin

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  A simple low-temperature adiabatic calorimeter for small samples (535-538)


A.I. Erenburg, A.V. Leont’eva, V.N. Varyukhin, G.A. Marinin, and A.Yu. Prokhorov

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  The internal friction and phase transition of solid oxygen (539-542)


L.N. Yakub

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  Phase transition line of solid molecular nitrogen into CG-polymeric phase (543-546)


N.V. Krainyukova

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  On the role of distortion in the hcp vs fcc competition in rare-gas solids (547-550)


Valery B. Kokshenev

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  Loosing thermodynamic stability in amorphous materials (551-557)


Е.Е. Горбенко2, И.В. Жихарев1,2, E.П. Троицкая1, Вал.В. Чабаненко1, Н.В. Кузовой1

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  Ab initio расчеты трехчастичного взаимодействия в криокристаллах под давлением (558-563)