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Low Temperature Spectroscopy and Radiation Effects
К юбилею Е.В. Савченко
Под редакцией Markku Räsänen and Ichiro Arakawa


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  Preface (851-852)


William R. Wonderly and David T. Anderson

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  Transient HDO rovibrational satellite peaks in solid parahydrogen: evidence of hydrogen atoms or vacancies? (853-859)


Brendan Healy, Paul Kerins, and John G. McCaffrey

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  Metal atom (Zn, Cd and Mg) luminescence in solid neon (860-870)


V.V. Khmelenko1, I.N. Krushinskaya2, R.E. Boltnev2, I.B. Bykhalo2, A.A. Pelmenev2, and D.M. Lee1

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  Dynamics of thermoluminescence spectra of impurity-helium condensates containing stabilized nitrogen and oxygen atoms (871-883)


Yu.A. Dmitriev

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  Role of surface structure in photoelectron emission from solid Ne: impurities, defect and low-coordinated sites (884-893)


Johan Lindgren1, Adriana Olbert-Majkut2, Mika Pettersson1, and Toni Kiljunen1

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  Librational motion of CO in solid Ar: Raman and IR spectra and quantum simulations (894-904)


Björn Scharfschwerdt, Christian van der Linde, O. Petru Balaj, Ina Herber, Doreen Schütze, and Martin K. Beyer

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  Photodissociation and photochemistry of V+(H2O)n, n = 1-4, in the 360-680 nm region (905-911)


Michał Turowski1, Claudine Crépin2, Isabelle Couturier-Tamburelli3, Nathalie Piétri3, and Robert Kołos1,4

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  Low-temperature phosphorescence of dicyanoacetylene in rare gas solids (912-916)


S.M. Arabei1, J.-P. Galaup2*, J.G. McCaffrey3, N. Shafizadeh4, and C. Crépin4

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  Electronic spectroscopy, stimulated emission and persistent spectral hole-burning of cryogenic nitrogen matrices doped with tetrabenzoporphin (917-923)


P.V. Zinoviev, V.N. Zoryansky, N.B. Silaeva, Yu.E. Stetsenko, M.A. Strzhemechny, and K.A. Yagotintsev

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  Orientational glassification in fullerite C60 saturated with H2: photoluminescence studies (923-931)


A. Gumenjuk, N. Ostapenko, Yu. Ostapenko, O. Kerita, S. Suto, and A. Watanabe

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  Oscillatory regularity of charge carrier traps energy spectra in silicon organic polymer poly(di-n-hexylsilane) (932-937)


Ichiro Arakawa, Daigo Matsumoto, Shinichi Takekuma, Reimi Tamura, and Takashi Miura

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  Photo-stimulated desorption from water and methane clusters on the surface of solid neon (938-941)


B. Kassühlke* and P. Feulner

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  Inner valence excitations of condensed neon (942-948)


Haruaki Kato1, Takayuki Tachibana2*, and Takato Hirayama1

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  Temperature effect of metastable atom desorption from solid Ne by low-energy electron impact (949-952)


A.L.F. de Barros1, P. Boduch2, A. Domaracka2, H. Rothard2, and E.F. da Silveira3

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  Radiolysis of astrophysical ices by heavy ion irradiation: destruction cross section measurement (953-960)


V.I. Feldman1, A.V. Kobzarenko1, A.Y. Orlov2, and F.F. Sukhov1

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  The radiation-induced chemistry in solid xenon matrices (961-969)


M. Szymonski, A. Droba, P. Struski, and F. Krok

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  Dynamics of the defect-mediated desorption of alkali halide surfaces (970-975)


R.M. Montereali1, F. Bonfigli1, F. Menchini2, and M.A. Vincenti1

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  Optical spectroscopy and microscopy of radiationinduced light-emitting point defects in lithium fluoride crystals and films (976-984)


G. Baldacchini, P. Chiacchiaretta, R.B. Pode, M.A. Vincenti, and Q.-M. Wang

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  Phase transitions in thermally annealed films of Alq3 (985-992)


V.M. Loktev, and Yu.G. Pogorelov

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  Impurity and vacancy effects in graphene (993-100)