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К 75-летию со дня рождения И.К. Янсона
Ответственный за выпуск Ю.Г. Найдюк


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  Игорь Кондратьевич Янсон
К 75-летию со дня рождения


E. Tartaglini1, T.G.A. Verhagen1, F. Galli1, M.L. Trouwborst1, R. Müller2, T. Shiota3, J. Aarts1, and J.M. van Ruitenbeek1

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  New directions in point-contact spectroscopy based on scanning tunneling microscopy techniques (Review Article) (249-260)


D. Daghero1*, M. Tortello1, P. Pecchio1, V.A. Stepanov2, and R.S. Gonnelli1

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  Point-contact Andreev-reflection spectroscopy in anisotropic superconductors: the importance of directionality (Review Article) (261-285)


V.N. Krivoruchko, A.I. D’yachenko, and V.Yu. Tarenkov

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  Point-contact Andreev-reflection spectroscopy of doped manganites: Charge carrier spin-polarization and proximity effects (Review Article) (276-292)


R. Beyer and J. Wosnitza

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  Emerging evidence for FFLO states in layered organic superconductors (Review Article) (293-300)


A.M. Gabovich and A.I. Voitenko

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  Charge density waves in d-wave superconductors: thermodynamics and Josephson tunneling (Review Article) (301-319)


C. Wang, H. Seinige, and M. Tsoi

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  Ferromagnetic resonance driven by an ac current: a brief review (320-325)


Kurt Gloos, and Elina Tuuli

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  Andreev-reflection spectroscopy with superconducting indium - a case study (326-334)


E. Scheer1, T. Böhler1,*, A. Edtbauer1,**, S. Egle1, A. Erbe2, and T. Pietsch1

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  Switchable zero-bias anomaly in individual C60 molecules contacted with tunable aluminum electrodes (335-342)


T. Ekino, A. Sugimoto, and A.M. Gabovich

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  Scanning-tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and break-junction tunneling spectroscopy of FeSe1-xTex (343-353)


S. Bouvron*, M. Stokmaier**, M. Marz, and G. Goll

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  Andreev experiments on superconductor/ferromagnet point contacts (354-359)


I.K. Yanson1, O.P. Balkashin1, V.V. Fisun1, Yu.I. Yanson2, and Yu.G. Naidyuk1

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  Current-field diagram of magnetic states of a surface spin valve in a point contact with a single ferromagnetic film (360-366)


О.И. Шкляревский, И.К. Янсон

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  Влияние холодной обработки металла на проводимость наноконтактов платины, меди и серебра (367-371)


James Allen and A.M. Zagoskin

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  Wigner function description of a qubit-oscillator system (372-377)


D. Massarotti1,2, L. Longobardi3,2, L. Galletti1,2, D. Stornaiuolo1,2, G. Rotoli3, and F. Tafuri3,2,1

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  Macroscopic quantum tunneling and retrapping processes in moderately damped YBaCuO Josephson junctions (378-383)


N.V. Khotkevych, Yu.A. Kolesnichenko, and J.M. van Ruitenbeek

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  Electron tunneling into surface states through an inhomogeneous barrier: asymptotically exact solution of the problem and STM theory (384-389)


Yu.I. Yanson and A.I. Yanson

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  Cathodic corrosion: Part 1. Mechanism of corrosion via formation of metal anions in aqueous medium (390-398)


A.I. Yanson and Yu.I. Yanson

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  Cathodic corrosion: Part 2. Properties of nanoparticles synthesized by cathodic corrosion (399-405)