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9th International Conference on Cryocrystals and Quantum Crystals Odessa, Ukraine, September 2–8, 2012
Guest Editors M.A. Strzhemechny and E.S. Yakub
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  Preface (521-522)  

  Alexander F. Goncharov1,2, Ross T. Howie and Eugene Gregoryanz Download 510731 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Hydrogen at extreme pressures (Review Article) (523-530)  

  M.A. Strzhemechny and A.V. Dolbin Download 801912 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Novel carbon materials: new tunneling systems (Review Article) (531-540)  

  E.S. Yakub Download 487314 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Ionic model for highly compressed solid hydrogen (541-548)  

  Yu.A. Freiman, Alexei Grechnev, S.M. Tretyak, Alexander F. Goncharov and Russell J. Hemley Download 264848 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Sound velocities in solid hydrogen under pressure (548-551)  

  L.N. Yakub Download 292218 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Melting line of polymeric nitrogen (552-555)  

  G. Strazzulla Download 509545 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Crystalline and amorphous structure of astrophysical ices (556-559)  

  T.N. Antsygina and K.A. Chishko Download 1320500 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Structural evolution of ferromagnetic 3He multilayers adsorbed on exfoliated graphite (560-567)  

  M.I. Bagatskii, M.S. Barabashko, and V.V. Sumarokov Download 502092 byte Показать аннотацию  
  The heat capacity of nitrogen chain in grooves of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles (568-573)  

  E.V. Savchenko1, I.V. Khyzhniy1, S.A. Uyutnov1, A.N. Ponomaryov3, G.B. Gumenchuk2, and V.E. Bondybey2 Download 1012949 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Anomalous low-temperature “post-desorption” from solid nitrogen (574-579)  

  R.E. Boltnev1, I.B. Bykhalo1, I.N. Krushinskaya1, A.A. Pelmenev1, V.V. Khmelenko2, D.M. Lee2, I.V. Khyzhniy3, S.A. Uyutnov3, E.V. Savchenko3, A.N. Ponomaryov4, G.B. Gumenchuk5, and V.E. Bondybey5 Download 678712 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Comparative study of thermostimulated luminescence and electron emission of nitrogen nanoclusters and films (580-585)  

  A.A. Solodovnik, V.V. Danchuk, and N.S. Mysko Download 322484 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Cluster approach to formation of nitrogen–rare gas cryoalloys (586-590)  

  A. Drobyshev, A. Aldiyarov, E. Korshikov, V. Kurnosov, D. Sokolov, and N. Tokmoldin Download 918973 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Structure and phase transition peculiarities in solid nitrous oxide and attempts at their explaination (591-595)  

  A.G. Khrapak1 and S.A. Khrapak1,2 Download 197377 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Energy of vacancy formation in the continuum matter model (596-599)  

  M.A. Ramos, M. Hassaine, B. Kabtoul, R.J. Jiménez-Riobóo, I.M. Shmyt’ko, A.I. Krivchikov, I.V. Sharapova, and O.A. Korolyuk Download 963613 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Low-temperature properties of monoalcohol glasses and crystals (600-605)  

  V.A. Konstantinov, V.V. Sagan, V.P. Revyakin, A.V. Zvonaryova, and O.I. Pursky Download 337568 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Isochoric thermal conductivity of solid furan (606-610)  

  S. Nazin1, I. Chikina2, and V. Shikin1 Download 344814 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Cryogenic electrolytes (611-616)  

  V.L. Bondarenko, Yu.M. Simonenko, O.V. Diachenko and E.V. Matveyev Download 543646 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Cascade units for neon isotopes production by rectification method (617-622)